Founder of Leathermuk - CK MUK

A self taught leather artist, founder of Leathermuk who specialized in exquisite hand carved and hand crafted leather artworks in Hong Kong.


CK has been doing leatherwork for over 25 years in Hong Kong. He aims at continued innovating and refining his techniques in leather work throughout the years. His own unique style in leather carving techniques can be distinguished from his work.

His initial interest in leather was inspired by a book of leather carving in Hong Kong at age early twenty. Even in a shortage of resources on leather works in those years, he still made up his mind to be a leather craftsman by self learning. In 1992, he opened his first shop and devoted all his time & efforts in leather works. Since then, he had been frequently invited by Broadcasting & Press media to introduce his work - rare and specialized handcrafts in Hong Kong.

Due to his persistent, continued research and study, he has developed a series of his leather fine-arts and DIY. Besides, he let others to know and experience leather craft through demonstrating and teaching. Now his leather work expands into 3-dimensional lifelike portraits.